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We are manufacturer of Anti-Bacterial Socks with silver fiber. This socks are made of combed long-staple cotton, nylon, silver fiber and lycra. Wherein comb long-staple cotton make the socks comfortable, moisture-wicking and durable, silver fiber make the socks have excellent antimicrobial and deodorant effect because of pure silver's natural anti-bacterial property, Lycra make the socks have good elasticity. Also, the socks are very washable. As they are washed by test side for 100 times, the anti-bacterial rate still can reach over 99.9%. This socks are Eliminating stink from your foot, Healing your athlete's foot if wearing it every day; Avoiding germ inflection and make your wound healing soon functions. Inquiry Now

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Company Name : Suzhou Tek Silver Fiber Technology Co.,ltd
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Main Product: Anti-Bacterial Socks