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trans-Cinnamic acid

CAS No. : 140-10-3Molecular formula : C9H8O2Molecular weight : 148.1586Molar mass : 148.16 g/molMelting point : 131-136ºCBoiling point : 300 °CFlash point : 166ºCRefractive in...

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CAS No. : 140-10-3
Molecular formula : C9H8O2
Molecular weight : 148.1586
Molar mass : 148.16 g/mol
Melting point : 131-136ºC
Boiling point : 300 °C
Flash point : 166ºC
Refractive index : 1.555 (20ºC)
Properties : White to pale yellow crystalline powder
Purity : 99%
Packaging : 25kg kraft paper bag
Storage method : Store at RT.
Usage :
1.Can be used as fragrance mixture in soap, shampoo, washing powder, daily cosmetics.
2.Cinnamic acid can be used to adjust apples and cherries. It can be used as apple flavor, cherry flavor, fruit flavor and flower flavor.
3.Anti-mildew, antisepsis and sterilization using cinnamic acid can be applied to freshness and antisepsis in food, vegetables and fruits.
4.In the pharmaceutical industry, the important drugs used in the treatment of coronary heart disease are lactamidine and Xintongping, and chloramphenicol and cinnamophenazine, which are used to make "Xinan'an", a local anesthetic, bactericide, and hemostatic agent. Medicine, etc.
5.Cinnamic acid also has a good aroma-preserving effect. It is usually used as a raw material for fragrance and is used as a fixative in daily fragrance.
6.In the agricultural industry, cinnamic acid is used as a growth promoter and long-lasting fungicide for fruit and vegetable preservation.
7.In organic chemical synthesis, cinnamic acid can be used as a slow-release agent for galvanized sheet, a heat stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride, a crosslinking agent for polyurethane, a flame retardant for hydantoin and polycaprolactam, and a chemical analysis reagent.

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