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China FABLION company is a set design, producton, sales as one of the company, design center has more than fifty name is engaged in the clothing design professionals, international trade department staff and name, the domestic marketing staff 50, form the professional team.

Company and knitted, woven two big factory and long-term close cooperation company, sewing workshop personnel total about 500 people, the cutting workshop forty people left and right sides, finishing workshop about 70 people ,Have high speed computer flat sewing machine 200 units or so, high speed four needles overlock machine 150 units or so, flat wagon, double needle, playing side car, a set of knot car, car lock, buried clamp vehicles, and other equipment, array and waist machine, nail fastener machine, keyhole machine, play button machine and other ancillary equipment 。Annual production of knitting nearly 3 million, woven factory output nearly 1.5 million, has the abundant perfect technology, equipment and senior professional clothing talent. T-shirts, POLO unlined upper garment, nut unlined upper garment, zipper unlined upper garment, sport suit, sweat pants, shirts, jackets, jeans, overalls, hats, etc. Can be production.

In 2013 the company according to the global textile industry market supply and demand situation, market structure and distribution and other aspects to carry on the analysis, and closely combined with the project of textile project investment feasibility and future development prospect of the future research. To strengthen the development of this product sewing project, super simulation differentiation polyester fiber production project, investment project evaluation of energy conservation and sustainable development, can maximum limit improve your company's project value, make sure your business plan in peer advanced level, and will be your successful financing way 。

The company emphasizes the textile standard and testing system is established, including the textile quality strategy research, domestic and foreign textile and garment quality standards, textile testing technology and means, enterprise laboratory establishment and the national laboratory accreditation, product innovation and quality control, ecological textile standards and testing technology, functional textile standards and testing technology, FZ/T01053-2007 textile fiber content label specification, etc 。Satisfy the needs of society, and at the same time, the effective utilization of energy and material, minimize pollution, economic development and environmental protection coordination, build the harmonious development between man and nature, advocating the situation of textile industry "recycling economy" sustainable development model.

Fabilion,base on pioneer fashion design style,FIT cutting quickly attracted the eyes of men global pursuit vogue,on behalf of hte European fashion men's brand. 

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