Borneo Embroidery Footwear

Borneo Embroidery Footwear

Our master shoemakers crafted this shoe using the finest vegan and sustainable materials. The upper and lining are... ... Details

Price 180 USD / Pairs
MOQ 1 Pairs
Country of Origin United States
Category: Garment Accessories / Other Garment Accessories
Sample: No
Product Specification
Model No Brown
Material 6-11
Product Description

Our master shoemakers crafted this shoe using the finest vegan and sustainable materials. The upper and lining are made with 100% recycled cotton. Our recyclable outsole is made with 10-12% recycled plastic removed from the ocean.

The intricate embroidery is inspired by indigenous tattoo motifs. Among the Dayak people, such as the Iban and Pantang, tattoos have carried various meanings over the generations. They can indicate a person's achievements or be worn as protection against malicious spirits, among other things. In this design, you can find several powerful symbols. At the center is the Bunga Terung, or rosette, representing valiance and courage, with the spiral symbolizing the circle of life. On the sides are scorpions, which were commonly tattooed on the warriors of Borneo for protection in battle.

About The Design

Borneo is one of Indonesia's largest islands. Dayak, which literally means "interior" or "inland" is a name given to over 200 riverine and hill-dwelling ethnic groups. For the Dayak, tattoos carry great significance. One hundred years ago, tattoos read like a script, informing the reader of one's accolades or ability. For men, tattoos were used for protection in battle. For women, tattoos were used to identify their trade. For instance, one could enter a village and find a weaver with ink on her hand to signify her art. Spiritually, tattoos were also made as a sacrifice to one's spirit helpers, or to respect the afterlife. It was believed that the black ink would turn to gold when one died, and that only those who were completely tattooed could enter Sebayan, the Land of the Dead, where they would be greeted by their ancestors who awaited them with the most wonderful gifts.

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