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We are one of the biggest company in Cameroon and  we sell Sisal fiber products having a tough wear, texture, rigid, flexible, low temperature will not harden, brittle fracture, mildew, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, non-allergic, clean, pollution-free, anti-static effect, the fiber products increasing.
Such as sisal and coir rope sword white linen and other widely used in fishing, marine, mining, transportation, oil and other industries; in addition, the use of sisal fiber unique natural environment, fire-retardant, no static. Electricity, moth and other characteristics, manufacturing sisal carpets, interior decoration, gaskets, etc., more and more people of all ages. Inquiry Now

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Company Name : Kbf Trading Co.ltd
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Phone : +237 652155633
Zip Code: 237
Register Address: 875 road bonajo douala
Main Product: Sisal fiber and pet bottle scrap