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Lab Wear

As a leading provider of top quality medical apparel such as scrubs and lab coats at high competitive prices, Lab Wear is highly committed to serving medical professionals and medical students alike.

We know that we sell a product you can buy from a lot of different sources. We want you to buy from us, and we think you'll be satisfied if you do.

At (1-800-LABWEAR) we take pride in what we do and offer small company service with large company pricing and product selection. Most of orders placed with us ship complete within 72 hours. That's because we keep the more popular Brands and items in stock in most sizes. Many of our competitors order merchandise from the factory as you order from them. We can't always have every item in stock, but we try. We also have a Top Notch Embroidery department with technicians who are experienced and caring about the product they send to you.


We work hard at being pleasant and polite on the phone, at answering your questions, and getting your order to you on time, correctly. Satisfying your needs is our top priority, and we've been doing it for over 37 years!

Another reason to buy from is that we don't sell your name. Other merchants sell your name to related businesses. We won't. We respect your privacy and our relationship with you.


Our guarantee should convince you to buy from us. If you're unhappy with your order, for any reason, return it within 21 days of shipment for a refund or an exchange. Sorry, there are no refunds or exchanges on embroidered items.

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Company Name : Lab Wear
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Phone : +1 8005229327
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Products We Deal: Scrubs & Lab Coats

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